Affordable roof replacement for my garage

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Affordable roof replacement for my garage

My garage roof is starting to leak, so I need to get it repaired. I have been ignoring it and just putting a bucket under the leaks because I couldn't afford to repair it. But now I need to repair it, as the leaks are getting worse and I'm worried the stuff in my shed will get damaged if I don't get it repaired. I can't afford an expensive roof replacement so this blog is all about the affordable options for getting your rood replaced. It should be useful for homeowners who need to get their roof replaced on a tight budget.

Re-roofing Your Home?: Why You Should Consider a Metal Roof

While metal roofs have long been popular within the commercial sector, they haven't been so popular for use on residential properties. However, metal roofs are becoming the choice of increasing numbers of home owners. If you are having a re roofing of your home and need to decide which roofing material to use, you should consider installing a metal roof. Below is a guide to the benefits and advantages a metal roof can offer you.

Fast Installation

One of the reasons that metal roofs are often installed on commercial buildings is because they can be installed quickly. Think about it, it is much easier and faster to measure and cut large sheets of metal and install them onto a roof when compared to other methods roofing methods. Asphalt shingles and concrete or clay tiles have to be placed onto a roof one at a time, which is time consuming.

Increased Durability

During extreme weather conditions, metal roofing is much more durable when compared to asphalt or clay tiles, which are well known for their ability to blow off in a strong wind. When exposed to the hot summer sun, other roofing options can also become brittle and shrink. Metal is able to withstand the sun and the rain and is unlikely to blow off in high winds. This means your roof will require fewer repairs during its lifetime.

A Wide Choice of Colours

When compared to asphalt singles or clay tiles, which generally only available in a limited range of colours, metal roofs can be produced in a much wider range of colours. You can choose between lighter colours which will reflect the heat of the sun during summer, helping to keep it cool and lower your air conditioning energy bill, or you may chose a colour which matches the rest of your property.

Fire Resistant

Metal roofing can dramatically increase the fire resistance of your property. Metal roofing is much more likely to keep its integrity when exposed to extreme heat because it does not contain tar like asphalt singles, it is not as flammable. If you experience a fire in your home, a metal roof will help to stop it spreading along the roof space and will help to protect your home.

If you need any help or advice when considering the best materials to use as part of your home re-roofing project, you should contact a professional roofing company now.