Affordable roof replacement for my garage

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Affordable roof replacement for my garage

My garage roof is starting to leak, so I need to get it repaired. I have been ignoring it and just putting a bucket under the leaks because I couldn't afford to repair it. But now I need to repair it, as the leaks are getting worse and I'm worried the stuff in my shed will get damaged if I don't get it repaired. I can't afford an expensive roof replacement so this blog is all about the affordable options for getting your rood replaced. It should be useful for homeowners who need to get their roof replaced on a tight budget.

Getting more bang for your buck | Expert tips when buying a new roof

The roof serves a pretty important role in your home. Unfortunately, not many homeowners ask enough questions about the kind of roof they will have over their heads. Getting a new roof is a huge investment, so you need to take your time and get the best quality there is. With the plethora of options available, that may seem little daunting. But not to worry, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure you get the most out of your money. Here are some of the major tips.

Know your roof truss

The roof truss is the part of the roof that carries the most weight. It's the structural framework that's connected with shear connectors and metal plates to give a rigid structure that meets industry wide standards. You need to know the kind of framework that best fits your needs. If you're looking for cathedral ceilings, then scissor trusses would do. King post trusses are well known for their durability, and they can handle more weight and higher tension.

However, you need to ensure that you get your trusses from reputable manufacturers. This is the most important part of your roof, so it needs to be well built. The manufacturer needs to be properly licensed and have a proven track record.

Good ventilation

When looking to get a new roof, you need to ascertain that it's got adequate ventilation. Good roofing ventilation prevents moisture from building up in the attic, thereby increasing the durability of the roof. Accumulation of heat and moisture accelerates the rotting of the sheathing and rafters. Louvers, soffit vents and ridge vents should all be present in a roofing system. You should also ensure that the ventilation sources are not blocked during the installation of the roofs.

Consider the roof slope

The slope of your roof is a good consideration that can help you take the necessary precautions during installation. Flatter roofs may cause water to pool on them during the rainy seasons. This may lead to leaking which considerably damages the roof. You'll have to spray polyurethane foam or apply tar before adding your shingles or tiles to prevent the roof from leaking.

Steeper roofs give you more options. You'll be at liberty to get shingle, slate or tile-like materials without the need to add any seamless materials to prevent leakages. For more information about your roofing options, contact Wadsworth Joinery or a similar company.