Affordable roof replacement for my garage

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Affordable roof replacement for my garage

My garage roof is starting to leak, so I need to get it repaired. I have been ignoring it and just putting a bucket under the leaks because I couldn't afford to repair it. But now I need to repair it, as the leaks are getting worse and I'm worried the stuff in my shed will get damaged if I don't get it repaired. I can't afford an expensive roof replacement so this blog is all about the affordable options for getting your rood replaced. It should be useful for homeowners who need to get their roof replaced on a tight budget.

How to Maintain Your Commercial Metal Roof

If your commercial building has a metal roof, you benefit by having sturdy materials that can handle a wide range of weather conditions. However, it still needs regular cleaning and maintenance just like other roofing materials. Here are some easy ways to maintain the metal roof.

Clean the Roof Surface

It is important that you keep up with cleaning the surface of the roof, as accumulation can cause damage to the roofing structure and lead to rust or corrosion of the materials. Start by removing any debris sitting on the roof, using a broom to sweep away the dirt buildup as needed. You should also wash the roof with a hose, but don't use high pressure nozzles as they can damage the metal shingles or panels. Make sure you don't use anything abrasive on the roof, including scrub brushes or cleaners.

Clear Out the Gutters

You also need to make sure the gutters and downspouts remain clean and clear. If the gutters get built up with debris, multiple problems can occur. First of all, the weight from the added debris can eventually lead to sagging and cracking of the metal gutters. It can also increase your risk of ice dams, which occur when snow melts on the roof and drips down to the gutters, but then remains there due to the debris. If it is cold enough out, the water can turn to ice while stuck in the gutters, which create ice dams. Make sure you periodically have the gutters cleaned out, also checking that the downspouts don't have a buildup of debris.

Inspect the Roof For Damage

Part of maintenance for the metal roof is inspecting it for potential problems. If you're lucky, you can catch problems and get repairs done before they cause major structural issues inside your building. Start by checking the materials themselves, looking for signs of holes or cracks in the metal panels, shingles, or tiles. Also look at the seams if you have metal roofing panels, as those can tell a lot about the condition of the roof. Don't forget to look around the vents, chimneys, and flashings to find signs of cracks or corrosion, since they tend to be common in these areas. Objects falling on the roof can cause punctures in the materials, so you need to perform inspections on a regular basis.

Speak to a roofing contractor if you need a more thorough inspection or to get the roof repaired.